How to connect:
You will need your school google account information to log in. Look for the Wireless network named “All School.” Click or touch that network on your screen to connect. After a few seconds, a webpage should launch and direct you to a google login page. When prompted, please log in with your school google account. The Following school domains are configured to work on this network:

bhuhsd.net, calaverasra.net, calaverascoe.net, custudents.net, mountainoaks.net, mtuesd.org, vsd.k12.ca.us

Bret Harte High School - 364 Murphys Grade Rd, AC

Calaveras County Office of Ed. - 185 S. Main St., AC

Mark Twain Elementary - 646 Stanislaus Ave, AC

Mark Twain District Office - 981 Tuolumne Ave, AC;

Copper Elementary School - 217 School St., COP

Calaveras River Academy – 150 Old Oak Rd., SA

Mountain Oaks School – 150 Old Oak Rd., SA

CCOE Transition Program – 3670 Church St., VAL