• Mark Twain Union Elementary School District

    Athletic Program Guidelines


    Mark Twain School District provides a number of extracurricular sport activities.


    Girls' Basketball  - September - November                      

    Cross-Country  - September - October

    Boys' Basketball  - December - February
    Girls' Volleyball  - February - March  
    Track and Field  - March - May    

    A.         Students participating in the above activities are required to follow all school rules and the Athletic Program requirements.


    B.         Students participating in the Athletic Program represent the school district.


    C.        The Athletic Program does include preparation for performances before an audience or spectators.


    D.        Participation in any extracurricular activity is voluntary.  Extracurricular activities are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded, do not offer credit, and do not take place during classroom time.




    A school's athletic program should aspire to train students in individual and team skills.  It should help build self-confidence, self-worth, sportsmanship, and a spirit of cooperation through teamwork.  Even though winning is a desired end of competitive sports; winning should not take precedence over the goals stated above.  All eligible, qualified students should have the opportunity to participate in both practice and competitive games.  This does not mean that all students must participate equally in all games. All players will play in all regular season games (playing time is not a guarantee in tournament games). Our overall goal is to provide a rewarding experience in a competitive activity.




    Per California Ed. Code 35160.5 (a) (5A), if a student receives lower than a "C" average or any grade of "F", he/she will not be eligible to play in competitive games in the district's extracurricular sports program.  A less than satisfactory grade in citizenship will also make the student ineligible to participate.


    Competitive sports eligibility  - Students who become ineligible to play competitive sports due to a GPA lower than 2.0, while they are on the team, will be put on probation. The GPA is based on a system of 4 points for an "A", 3 points for a "B", 2 points for a "C", and 1 point for a "D".  The grades will be checked on a weekly basis. At the mid-quarter grade report, if grades remain under the 2.0 GPA, the student will be dropped from the team.  If the student has raised his/her GPA to a 2.0 or better, he/she will remain on the team and be subject to weekly grade and behavior checks for the remainder of the season.  Students on probation may continue to practice but may not play in league games.  If students have infractions and are currently being tracked in the discipline plan, they will not be allowed to participate in the sport until their academic grades and behavior are satisfactory.                                                                                                                                 


    Team size  - Although our coaches would like to be able to put every student who expresses an interest in team participation on the team, resource limitations make it impossible.  In order to provide uniforms and quality coaching for the members of each athletic team, the district must limit the number of students on each team.  The athletic directors and district administration have agreed that when possible all students who want to play basketball in the 5th and 6th grades will be able to play on a school team.  It is recommended that the 7th and 8th grade teams be kept between 12 and 15 students, to allow reasonable playing time, however, with the approval of the athletic director, the coaches will establish the size of the final team, which could be smaller or larger.  If there is a need to cut students from the team, the coaches will recommend to the athletic director the names of those students they believe to be most qualified for team membership.  The districts' athletic directors will then review the selection of team members with the principal prior to making the final cut.  Every attempt will be made to keep teams grade level specific, however, under special circumstances i.e., numbers, injuries, sicknesses, it will be at the coaches and athletic director’s discretion to move students.




    Ø  Players must participate in P.E. during the school day in order to practice or play in a game on that same day.

    Ø  Players must attend school in order to practice or play later in the same day.  Dentist or doctor appointments can be an exception.

    Ø  Players with 3 unexcused practices may be dropped from the team.

    Ø  Players who receive 1 infraction in a week cannot participate in one activity for that week.

    Ø  Players who receive 5 or more infractions in a trimester will be removed from the team for the remainder of the trimester.

    Ø  Any player suspended will be ineligible to participate the assigned suspension days plus an additional school week (5 school days).

    Ø  Any player with a second suspension will be ineligible to participate the assigned suspension plus an additional two school weeks (10 school days)

    Ø  Any player suspended a third time will be ineligible to participate in any sport related activity for the remainder of the school year.


    Detentions & Bus Citations  - Any infraction will result in the loss of an activity or activities based on the student's current status or placement on the discipline plan.  If the student has an infraction he/she cannot participate as a team member until the infraction has been cleared with the learning director or principal.




    All coaches, with the approval of the athletic directors, principal, and superintendent, will have the right to establish team rules, dress codes, practice procedures, and disciplinary procedures.




    Any parent dissatisfied with any aspect of the sport in which their child is participating must follow the this conflict and dispute resolution procedure:


    A.         Discuss the issue with the coach.  If the issue remains unresolved, proceed to step "B".

    B.         Discuss the issue with the athletic director.  If the issue remains unresolved, proceed to step "C".

    C.        Discuss the issue with the principal.  If the issue remains unresolved, proceed to step "D".

    D.           File a formal, written complaint to the superintendent.  If the issue remains unresolved, proceed

                to step "E".

    E.            File a formal, written complaint with the district Board of Trustees.