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    General Information

    The Mark Twain Union Elementary School District offers bus transportation for our students to and from school (in the case of Kindergarten students, transportation is one way). The use of the bus is a privilege rather than a right. The Governing Board of the District has instituted the payment of fees for student transportation.

    Students are assigned to a bus stop at the start of the school year and are expected to continue to use that stop unless arrangements are made with the school. The parent/guardian is responsible for the safety of their child (ren) to and from the bus stop. Whenever a student is going to change his/her bus stop, he or she must have a note signed by the parent or guardian stating where he or she is to be dropped. In the event the bus is crowded, regular riders on that run will be loaded first. Special note riders will then be loaded on a space available basis. Students will not be allowed to change their destination unless we have a note; in certain emergency cases the parent may call.

    Students transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible directly to the driver of the bus. Any student who violates the rules and regulations of the bus will have his/her privileges suspended. Video cameras may be used on school buses to monitor student behavior while traveling to and from school and school activities. Video recordings may be used in student discipline.

    Denied Service

    Initially no child will be left in the morning for non-payment. However, if fees remain unpaid for a period of 10 school/attendance days or documentation is not provided for the free bus service, the following steps will be taken:

    1. A child will be denied bus service in the afternoon. Parents or guardians will be notified to pick up the child at the school of attendance. Parents/guardians who fail to pick up children in a timely manner, (2 hours after the close of school day) will be referred to Children's Protection Services (CPS). This practice will be consistent with other districts in the area who have instituted a bus fee system.

    2. If a transportation problem remains unresolved for an additional five days, the parent/guardian will be notified by certified mail that both morning and afternoon bus services are denied.

    3. Parents failing to send students to school because of denied bus service will be referred to the Calaveras County Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).

    Legal Reference:
    Education Code
    39800 Power of Governing Board to Provide Transportation for Pupils to and from School
    39807.5 Payment of Transportation Cost
    Bus Rules

    Though school attendance is mandatory, bus transportation is a privilege. The main thing to remember is that the driver is in charge, and all directions must be followed immediately.

    1. Students shall not conduct themselves in such a manner as to endanger themselves or others on the bus. This includes: not remaining seated in a safe way while the bus is in motion; extending part of their body out of the window; fighting or rough housing; bringing dangerous or unacceptable items on the bus.

    2. Upon entering a bus equipped with seatbelts, the student will quickly be seated, and will buckle the belt below their hip bone and will have the shoulder harness snugly across their chest. Restraints will remain buckled and snug until the bus comes to a complete stop at the student's destination. Seatbelts will remain buckled for the duration of the ride.  Seatbelts will remain buckled for the duration of the ride.

    3. Students shall not conduct themselves in such a manner as to distract the driver. This includes: shouting or making loud noises, throwing objects on the bus, raising or lowering the window without permission.

    4. Students shall not show rudeness or disrespect to the driver or others riding the bus. This includes: using profane or vulgar language, defiant attitude toward the driver, disobedience.

    5. Students shall not misuse the school's property or the personal property of others. This includes: purposely damaging the bus, eating or drinking on the bus without driver permission, damaging or taking another rider's personal property.

    6. Students shall not enter nor leave the bus in an unsafe fashion. This includes: pushing and shoving in line, moving too close to the bus before it is fully stopped, crossing the street behind the bus.

    7. Students shall not conduct themselves at the bus stop in such a manner as to endanger themselves or others. This includes: standing or playing in the roadway, fighting or rough housing, throwing rocks or other objects, poor pedestrian practices to and from the bus stop.

    8. Students shall not be allowed to bring onto the bus glass containers, knives, live animals, or any article that may be deemed a hazard by the bus driver.

    9. Students shall not be allowed to ride to/from the bus stop or bring onto the bus, skateboards, scooters or roller blades. Students may not ride skateboards, scooters or inline skates to or from the bus stop.

    10. Nobody may board a bus without the specific permission of the bus driver. This includes parents and siblings who are not bus riders.

    11. Notes for changes in transportation arrangements must be received by the school office no later than noon of the day of the change. Changes made after noon will not be honored.

    12. Students shall be respectful to neighbors both at school and at bus stops. Stay out of people's yards and public roadways, and do not throw objects or litter.

    13. Be at the bus stop five minutes prior to pick up time.

    14. Do not change seats on the bus without the bus driver's permission.

    15. No matter who started the fight, anybody who fights on a bus will receive a bus citation and will be denied bus service for the prescribed period of time.

    16. Bus Citations – The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide the safest possible transportation to and from school.

    1st Citation: Warning*
    2nd Citation: 5 Day Bus Suspension*
    3rd Citation: 10 Day Bus Suspension*
    4th Citation: At the discretion of the principal, operations manager and driver, up to an including denial of bus transportation services for the rest of the year.

    ** Consequences are at the discretion of the site principal

Last Modified on June 21, 2017