• Registration 

    The following items will be required for registration:
    • Certificate of Live Birth (not a hospital certificate) - a copy to be placed in your student's records
    • Immunization Record - This must be documented with your doctor's stamp or signature throughout.
      • The following are kindergarten requirements:
        • 2nd MMR shot completed
        • Series of 3 HEP B shots completed
        • Booster DPT and Polio (Tdap for 7th grade)
        • 2 doses Varicella (chicken pox) .
    • Proof of residence - current utility bill (gas, electric, city water), mortgage, or rental agreement to verify your residence within the districts attendance area.
    • Individual Education Plan (IEP) - a copy of the most receint IEP if applicatable.
    • Court Documentation - if there are custody orders from the courts.

     Registration Forms:

    Registration Form (rev, 02/2020)

    Inter District Agreement Form - if not a resident of our district
    Additional forms may be required before the first day of attendance.
    Email all information to the school secretary or drop it office in the school office.